Meet Dr. Troy Dailey

At the early age of 7, Dr. Troy Dailey knew there was a higher calling on his life. He was baptized at the age of 9 and began doing all that he could to serve the Lord. He started his career with the family business at 14 years old and began training to be a structural engineer, and mechanical engineer in custom design work. By the time he was 18 years old Dr. Troy was a full time Marine Engineer in Palm Beach, Florida and continued his career, in his families multimillion dollar business, until the age of 34. During this time of his life, he also excelled as a top contender in kickboxing and competitive bodybuilding. Dr. Dailey turned down national opportunities and a multi- million dollar industry to begin his calling to serve the Lord. Dr.Troy Dailey is a loyalists.

In 1989, he initiated his calling and became an Ordained minister through the “Association of Faith Churches and Ministers”, out of Tulsa, OK. In addition, Between 1994 – 1996 Pastor Troy attended South Florida Bible Training Center in Miami Florida.
In 2008, Dr. Troy graduated from Evangelical Bible College & Seminary with his Doctorate in Theology and continued his education until 2010 when he received his Ph.D in Religious Education and philosophy.

Dr. Dailey is a Pastorual Marriage Counselor. He began his work in 1990 and continues counseling couples and families today. As a state board certified counselor, he specializes in high profile crisis management clients – Marriages and families undergoing tremendous stress and public exposure.

Dr. Troy hosted Trinity Broadcast Network’s ( TBN )“Praise the Lord”, show from 1996-2011 which was broadcasted to 20 million Florida homes and hundreds of thousands upon thousands of people to Jesus Christ. He Founded and Pastored two very successful churches in Palm Beach County, Florida – “Light Of Glory Church” for seven years and Faith In His Word Fellowship founded in 2005.

Dr. Dailey has been spiritually advising local, state, federal and presidential candidates, and high profile media, celebrities, seated judges and law-enforcement since 2007. He receives confidential calls on a consistent basis from D.C. and all over the country for wisdom and prayer from the leaders of this nation.

Dr.Troy lead prayer for a couple Rallies for President Donald Trump during his 2016 campaign in Florida and is now part of the Faith Based Initiative Board at the White House. He intercedes with prayer teams from all over the world for the President of the United States.

Dr. Dailey is a Board Member of Indian Ministries of North America, focused on winning the Native Americans who are lost for Christ and preventing teenage suicide (the highest in the country); and serves on the Board of Global Catalytic Ministries focused on converting Muslims to Christianity through out the Middle East.

Dr. Troy Dailey and his wife Teresa are the owners of TNT Dailey, Inc. founded in 2007 located in Palm Beach, FL. TNT Dailey is a high profile event and fundraising company that specializes in political and non-profits.
They reside half of the year in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of East TN. They have two daughters and two fur babies. Tori Lynn 26, Kristen Kyril 23 and fur babies, Angel 9 and Abby 2.